Monday, August 10, 2009

Wild weather

Friday night the grandparents came and took the grandkids camping, just about 25 miles from where we live. This allowed us to carpet and appliance shop "child free" on Saturday. Yeah!! Anyway Friday night around 1:00 the thunder started to roll and the lightening exploded. EB and I were awake for about 2 hours, it was that loud and bright. Our kids do not like thunderstorms, so I was really worried about them in the camper and whether G & G would get any sleep.

I called G & G Saturday morning to see if they got any sleep. They said the kids slept right through it.

I said, "Didn't it wake you up?"

They said, "Yep it was really loud."

I said, "What did you give my kids before bed?"

Saturday, after a very successful shopping day, we headed to the campground. We ate, sat by the fire a while, beat off some gargantuan mosquitos and then headed home. When we were pulling into the driveway there was a weather warning on the radio. We sat in the car to listen to what was going on. There was a tornado warning, about 40 miles away. Z got all upset and threw up in the yard. They were a wreck. It took us 20 minutes to get them calmed down and in to bed. An hour after they got in bed, the tornados came pretty close to us and there warnings for our town. We got them up and went into the bathroom. They fell asleep on the floor! After it passed we put them back to bed.

Not one of them remembered that Sunday morning.


Patti said...

Just what do you do to your children that they are petrified of everything? Gavin always wants to see the boomers and lightning. We are fearless here and stand by the window and watch. Sam did call at 6:30 that morning worried about G & G. She didn't know the kids were there too.

The lightening did wake me up about 4:30 Saturday morning. It struck somewhere in the field because the house shook and I sat straight up in bed. I ran out on the deck to see if any trees were engulfed in flames.

You know me and my tree. If it comes down, I move. LOL

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That was a crazy storm system that raged through the midwest. It was weird how some of my kids slept through and others were scared wide awake. I was woken up!