Tuesday, March 3, 2009


That is the number of times I thought about Diet Coke today.  

Yes, I am Diet Coke obsessed.  

Saturday I had my last Diet Coke. 

I made it worth my while.  EB stopped at the gas station and got me a 44 oz fountain Diet Coke. 

I really want one. I do, I do, I do.

To make me feel better about not having a diet coke, I ate nearly a pound of Red Vines.  I am sure calorie wise that was about even.   Let's see 10 servings at 140 calories per serving. Yep same as a Diet Coke.   Goes back to that whole calories in/calories out thing.  

Plus when I got home I ate 3 Thin Mint cookies and couple of servings of potato chips.  Really good potato chips.  They are all natural and only 1 gram of saturated fat.  See, I can justify anything. 

BTW, the only reason I gave up Diet Coke was because I was tired of being a hypocrite.  I tell the kids they can't have pop because it is so bad for them, yet I drink it all the time.  So I quit.

I miss the burn!!!!!!



Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd probably feel the same way if I gave up coffee. I don't drink soda--haven't really in years, excepting the occasional one at a party. I do not miss it at all, but we all have our weak spot. Good luck.

Amy said...

What the heck! You aren't a saint for crying out loud. Part of parenting is hypocrisy--ask your parents :)