Thursday, December 27, 2007


I am in the basement running on the treadmill, desperately trying to get my 4 miles in and I hear Mooooooooooooom! That is the sound we all love to hear, isn’t it. It only means that something you really don’t want to know about has happened. So I put the treadmill on pause (I’ll use almost any excuse to do this) and headed upstairs and find out what trauma has occurred and this is what I see. (photo below)

B says that “G or Z broke the tv table”. I know that it is Z because he is sobbing intensely and wailing about how he is going to be grounded for two weeks (not true) and he is going to have to buy a new tv tray (true). He then wails about how it is going to cost $40 and he only has three dollars from the tooth fairy.

I am very proud of myself, I did not yell, I just asked him how that happened and then went back downstairs to finish my run. Maybe burn off a little steam while I am at it. When I came back upstairs, he came into the kitchen and gave me two one dollar bills and a Sacagawea coin. I did feel a little bad for the poor kid, but taking responsibility for your actions is very important to me.

This is why it is "always something".

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